Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30

Ok, here I am again
So, yes I made the cookies :) they turned out good

Yes, losing weight. Even one of the people from church said something a couple weeks ago... but not a lot.

For the GPS, I might need it sooner than later. Just because we use C.'s right now, and he is leaving the area, so I might need one. Depends on if my new Companion has one. 

As for my week...
We dont have too much new.

We did get transfer calls and I am staying in Lakewood for at least another 6 weeks. My new Companion is Elder R. He has been out for a little over a year and a half. Pretty excited to get a new companion i guess. But this also means I am in charge of remembering a lot. Because now I am the one who knows the area better and the people right now... lots of stress there. But it will all be good. 

Also when we found out about other people's calls that the mission itself is getting a lot of changes. President thinks that the Spanish missionaries need to be better utilized, so he is switching things around to put more Spanish missionaries in leadership positions. So a few areas that were only spanish are now Spanish-English (what we call zebra, because the companion-ships are now one english elder and one spanish elder together) so the spanish elders can be zone leaders and district leaders more. So about half the spanish zone is now part english. Kind of interesting. This means that basically anyone these areas meet can be taught. English or Spanish, where before it was solely Spanish if you were Spanish. The area I am in will not be Zebra though because it is in the one Spanish Ward area. So it makes sense to not go Zebra. But this means later on I will probably go zebra. I am really excited for that. 

Some of the other Spanish Elders I have talked to about it are thinking it will ruin the chances for Spanish, but I dont see how that could happen. It just gives more teaching opportunities. Fun stuff.

Spanish is coming... slowly but surely. I am able to have conversations, but small ones and the other person generally asks the questions. but it is still better than nothing.

Also we have someone on date for baptism!!! for the 25th of April. 
We went to the one persons house really late the other night and found him home (surprising because he is never home). So we taught the first lesson and invited him to be baptized and he said yes, and that he has been wanting to be baptized into the church for a while now. (he was taught like 5 years ago in another area, but moved and fell into the crack of not being taught) so now we have him on date and all we need to do is teach the lessons again and get him to baptism! Pretty Exciting. 

So yeah, things are looking good here. Busy, and stressful, but good. 

 Kind of a busy day today getting ready for transfers tomorrow.

and we were volunteering at the local food bank on friday and they took out picture and asked us to say something for their newsletter. so if you search the tacoma rescue mission site and find their newsletter for next month you can see us in really nice hair nets lol 

Love and miss you!!!! 


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