Tuesday, March 3, 2015

February 24

So we were knocking doors a little while ago and found someone named M. who is married (we think) and he has a one year old daughter. And we have taught him a couple times now and he is really cool. I think it is awesome when we go over to teach him because he gets really excited about the things we teach. Like the other night we taught the Plan of Salvation and when he would read a scripture he would stop in the middle of the verse and just say 'wow'. or when we would explain something interesting and new he would say 'wow' and explain how that makes sense to him. It is really cool and I hope he can get past his catholic baptism stuff when we talk to him next. that seems to be the main problem at this point. 

And we are teaching this older guy, Hermano S., who is the husband of a member in the ward. But he is not a member and he lives in new york. But he is visiting for a month and we figure we can baptize him while he is here. :) so we have a time limit with him and so far so good. We are seeing him again tonight and hopefully we can invite him to be baptized soon. 

And the last person we are focusing on... O. The one with the interview problems and being taught forever. We talked with him on Wednesday and he was telling us he had a problem with the idea of tithing. so we discussed that for a bit and after the lesson he said he wanted to be baptized the next day (thursday). We were shocked, but agreed and that whole night was stressful getting everything together last minute. Trying to get people to come to a baptism in the middle of the day is tough. 

So the next day we continue to try and get things together and we try to call O. in the morning to make sure he is still good to come, but he didn't answer. so we had another appointment at noon and after that we kept trying to call him and figure out what was going on. and by that time we needed to start filling the font at the church (we were running a bit late actually so even more stress) and we prayed and started filling the font. After a little while of that stress, and still no contact with O., we found some other missionaries to watch the font while we went to O's house. This was 10 minutes before the baptism was set to begin. the water still was not full and we had no one to baptize, but some of the people we invited started showing up. So we rush over to his apartment and find him and he goes on to say that he can't come for some odd reason and we are explaining that he has to come. So he tells us to come back in like 20 minutes so we can give him a ride. 

So we head back to the church and get him a ride with one of the older members of the ward who we find reliable most days. and ten minutes later the member shows up with his wife and no O. So we stress out a bit with him and start heading back to O. But at the moment we get to his apartment he calls us and says that he is not at home but at the church. So at this point we are just happy he is at church and not somewhere else. So we tell him to get with the other missionaries there and get ready and we rush back to the church. and this is now almost an hour behind schedule. 

So we get back and figure out who is baptizing him (we still had no idea who that was either) and we get everything started. I think total in attendance were 14 people. 4 missionaries (besides us, so 6 total) an older couple, and two other members, and O. and his three siblings. very small. But we got him baptized and explained after that he needed to come to church to get confirmed on Sunday. 

So we had a lot less stress for a couple days as we continued our lives like normal. then Sunday morning came and we tried calling him to make sure he was coming to church and got no answer. So we quickly rode our bikes out to the City where he lives (4 miles) and found him asleep at home. Where he tells us he cant come because he is going on a trip with his family. So we begin to stress again and tell him he just needs to come to Sacrament meeting at least to get confirmed. and he was confused because he thought that happened with baptism. We quickly explained that was not the case and got him to commit to coming to church. We even offered a ride with a member if he needed it. But he said he didnt and he would come. 
And then we were stuck in the City 30 minutes before church started with no way to get there in time. So we call the other missionaries who share the car with us to give us a ride and we get to church right on time. But O. never shows up.... so we had a baptism but no confirmation. 

Such a stressful week. Honestly, the stress here was crazy. 

And now we have to get O. to come next Sunday to be confirmed. Which means more stress coming this week. But it will be ok. 

And that is my week. 

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