Monday, March 30, 2015

March 22 part 2

I got a haircut two weeks ago. first one since MTC. it was getting kind of long.... but everyone said here that the hair rule is really not strictly enforced (i knew there was a reason for me being here lol)
and i went to this asian lady who i guess all missionaries in the lakewood area goes to. and she did the same thing with the straight razor. it was interesting. and my hair doesnt look too bad

 The temple here is nice. It is a little smaller than D.C. I think. And Moroni was holding the scriptures. Didnt you say someone told you there were only like 3 temples in the world that have him holding scriptures? If so I have seen all three in the last year :)

And we got both those names you sent done. My companion said all his family work is done so he was able to do the other name.
And it was different going through without one of either you or mom being there. But it was still nice. 

 I guess most people right out of training stay in their areas for another transfer, so i will probably stay in Lakewood with a new companion. but nobody knows for sure until we get calls on Saturday. :) Kind of stressful. 

Hope you have a great week!
love and miss you!!

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