Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March 2

so this week was a big struggle for me. I am really getting down on myself for not learning enough spanish fast enough. I feel as though I can't help out very much because of that. but you know... just have to keep moving forward. 

As for our investigators-
M. We havent taught him since last week. He was too busy this week.

O.- did not come to church again. So he has one more week before his Baptism is invalid... really concerned for him

and Hermano S. He is doing good. We have taught most of the lessons and all he needs now is a desire to be converted. We found out yesterday he only has two more weeks here so we are trying to work with him a lot. tomorrow we have another appointment with him... which is going to be interesting. We are going to be exchanging and I am left in my area with a completely new missionary (this is his 3rd week) and we are set to go see him tomorrow night. so with both of us not knowing a lot of spanish it should be lots of fun trying to talk and teach. But I am going to be praying a lot until then so hopefully all goes well.

as for other things this week. 
we were knocking on tuesday at some apartments that we both really didn't want to knock. But we were there and it was time to knock so we did. and it turned out really good. We met this lady (english speaking) and she told us this crazy story of how she had just driven in from California the night before and was having a lot of issues in her life. But she is a member and was really concerned about finding the church. so she was praying about that and then we knocked on her door. and we were able to help her get the number of the english missionaries. And by the way she told us her life story and that was crazy! at some point she was smuggled into the U.S. from Canada after a flight from Fiji (where she is from) in a toolbox. She was only in the toolbox from Canada to the U.S. but still... crazy. 
but then she called last night and told us the english missionaries never got her for church so she was slightly upset. 

and last night was a cool fireside. it was a "missionary fireside" which means that the speakers were all recent converts explaining the greatness of missionary work and their conversions. some really good stories. 
and other than that, not much. just struggling with a lot in my brain, and trying to find a way through it all. 

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