Monday, March 30, 2015

March 22

Temple trip was tuesday. That was nice. It is around an hours drive from Lakewood. We were able to take pics outside  and before we went into the session we had a short meeting with the temple president. And the session was good. It was weird not having a family member there with me. and the set up is different. I think for going as family members, I like the Washington D.C. setup better. the aisles arent separated there. lol just a little thing i thought id mention. :)
 After we had a lunch provided by the temple cafeteria. and another short meeting with the Mission President. then headed back home to get back to work.

On Monday night we were kind of scrambling to find a knocking spot by 6, so we went to some apartments close by. And we knocked into S. again! (the lady from a while back who was praying and reading the bible when we showed up). So we had a nice lesson with her. Even though it was in english, and the other missionaries are teaching her too. lol It was really funny because we sit down in her living room and she tells us its really funny because its like everytime she sits down and prays the mormons show up at her door. So we taught the restoration and she tells us she went to church with the Sister missionaries. And her 13 year old son wants to be baptized! after just one visit to church! And she is really interested in learning more. When we taught the Joseph Smith story she said she heard it a few times before, but that was the first time it made sense to her. I kind of wish I was english with some people so I could have cool people like this all the time. But I have come to grips with the fact that I am not. But also I am still a missionary, and I figure as long as I can help people be happier, be it in english, spanish, samoan, whatever language. If I can help I feel as though I accomplished a lot. 

By the way I need you to watch my account. I should have a charge for  a motel here in lakewood. but if there is any more than that $15 charged at any time you need to tell the bank that is not me. This was a one time thing where a lady was needing help and said her and her kids were about to be kicked out unless they had $15 to pay the rest of the room fee. so i helped out. So just letting you know to watch for that. Hopefully nothing else happens with the motel. 

Hermana S. (the member who is married to Hermano S. in New York) Is moving to Utah this summer, and just yesterday took a trip to Colorado for a couple months. She works as a nanny for a military family and she is only traveling and moving to help them out. But I am slightly sad because she is an awesome member and I probably wont see her again. But it is ok. As long as her husband gets baptized and they get sealed sometime next year I will be ok. lol

As for other investigators we arent having many lessons. Everyone is getting more jobs and working all the time. So it is tough. But we have found some other people, and we have the car this week, so we can see more people. Hopefully we have more lessons this week. 

Oh and transfer calls are this Saturday! So I will let you know on Monday what is happening. I am probably staying in Lakewood, with a new companion. But we never know what will happen. So be ready for that. :) 
Other than that stuff, not much is new. 

Have a good week!!

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