Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9

here has been really sunny and honestly i am thinking way too warm. :) but then i think of you and i dont complain. so i am soaking up enough sun for both of us. :)

sorry to hear you keep getting snow and ice and cold and snow days... i cant imagine how the dogs feel about it. 

speaking of dogs. i keep finding these random dogs around (with and without people) and i cant help but pet them. i miss daisy and brandi. there is one dog at the members house who feeds us weekly (the one with the pigs feet) and every time i think at least i get to play with the dog while eating this strange food :) but this week they fed us tacos (the mexican way, which is just corn tortillas, some type of meat, and toppings of lime, onion, and cilantro. and homemade salsa) i miss your tacos. lol

i keep telling my companion how much easier life is with pampered chef and he is telling me i am spoiled :) i know i am, but there are just some things that make life a lot easier. i made bruschetta the other day and that brought up the topic. i had to use a really cheap can opener.... and i complained the entire time. :) but the food was good. 

surprisingly with the time change i am not more tired than usual. maybe being tired constantly just covers DST. :)

Ok... now for the sad thing. 

O. did not come to church. We stopped by his house on Tuesday and explained the importance of coming to church, and then called him Saturday, but he didnt answer. But he did call back Saturday night and explained that he had work so he couldnt come. and we explained again the importance. and he did not show up. So the baptism is void and he is not a member. also we have decided to not see him again unless he asks us to come by. We are not ready for that kind of stress again. Yay for my first baptism being a sandbag baptism....

and Hermano S. We talked to him on Tuesday also and he told us that he wasnt feeling like he got an answer. so we tried to teach him how to receive one. oh and something really funny. When we started the lesson his wife asked us who was getting baptized because we told them the PMG sentence for baptism the last meeting (we are having a baptismal service on ___, will you commit to being baptized on this day?) and so she asked who was getting baptized on saturday (the date we gave them). so we had to quickly think and tell them nobody, because he was not fully committed. But then i look at him and just say "usted..." (which is you in spanish) and we all awkwardly laughed and then it got serious and he told us no. but it was good :) really funny afterwards

so we stopped by again on Friday with Sister Blatter! (the mission Presidents wife) and had a lesson with her! She knows some spanish and was really good to have along. A lot of struggling with correct words, but the Spirit was definitely with us. and he said he still wasnt ready and he probably wont be ready by the time he leaves. but it is ok, he is still interested adn making a really honest effort, and that is all that matters. and maybe we will have a miracle later this week... 

for the exchange. it was very stressful for me. but it was good. that was on tuesday, so i was with him for both the really important people (O. and S.) but it was good. He is really trying hard with Spanish and it is getting really good. Definitely going to do well in the mission. 

For the Fiji Lady... we got a call from her during the fireside saying nobody came to bring her to church. so we had to get the sister missionaries to get in touch with her. apparently the sisters are way more responsible when it comes to getting in touch with people.... imagine that. :)

 We did get another lesson with M. and his wife was there this time! so that was cool and we really feel good about them. if only they would come to church. that is their only problem so far. they wont come to church ever...

oh and we had a mission meeting with Elder Maines from the 70 on Saturday. That was cool. a lot of new things that we are going to try and work on as a mission. and this next sunday is stake conference and we are lucky enough to have another general authority come. and the really cool thing is he is from Guatemala, and is going to have a special meeting in the morning for all the spanish members in the area. Basically he is having a special meeting with our ward in complete spanish. really cool. :)
so yeah... that is my week. 
We get the car again this week, so should be a little more productive maybe with getting to see more people. :) 
i will pray for you to get some sunshine too :) 
love and miss you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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