Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16

while tacos are good, i miss your tacos. i keep telling C. about our tacos and he tells me that those are not real and they are gross, but i like them, and will probably make them at some point. :) 

Yeah, about O. we stopped by him yesterday and he told us he had a problem with some doctrine (as always). so he told us that he thinks Jesus only died for the Jews. and we were really just done with these problems so we told him no in the scriptures it tells us he died for everyone. and we told him when he gets any other problems in his head about doctrine, just read the scriptures and pray and he will find the answers. 

and Hermano S. left on Saturday... and our final lesson was watching the Restoration DVD. and that was good. Apparently him and his wife are going to move to Utah later this year, which is good for them. I just hope he gets baptized and they can be sealed sooner than later. He is definitely ready, he just needs to realize all that in his own time. 

And that is all that really happened this week. We did find a couple new people, but not sure how serious they are yet, so i will just tell you that we are finding people. :)

The special meeting was really cool. It was Elder Falavella from the 70. He is from Guatemala. He basically just told the Spanish members that they need to do 3 things. 1. Share the Gospel. (which was nice because we have been pushing member missionary work lately) 2. Learn English (which was shocking, but nice. He said how can you expect to be successful in the U.S. if you dont speak the main language?) and 3. Plan for the future. If they want something to happen they need to plan for it, and then work towards it. No blessings come for free. 

So I thought it was really nice. and at one point when talking about speaking english he was telling everyone to watch tv in english and to talk in english at home, that way they can learn faster. so he asked everyone to raise their hands if they were willing to do these things. and I raised my hand because i was like yeah! i will speak english! but Elder C. quickly pushed my hand back down and said it doesnt apply to me. :) lol
But that was good, and then we had Stake Conference, and I didnt get most of that because we were in a special area for spanish translation, and the translations were just not working for me. but yeah... im sure the speakers were great then too. 

oh! for the car. we did go get our tires rotated and while we were waiting, there was a TV on with the news. and that was interesting to see what was going on in the world. (Elder C. did not like that I was watching TV, but what else is there to do in a waiting area?) luckily not very long after that  the car was done so i wasnt distracted with that for too long. lol

Other than that not much new here. 

We did get rain this weekend, the first rain in a while. and people are saying summer is going to be hot and not rainy. So I guess I am getting a good year to be on a mission here. :)

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