Thursday, February 19, 2015

February 17

Today is transfer day, but since I am still in training I am staying with Elder C.  in Lakewood. So no moving for me. :) 

This last week was ok. We got the Special Interview done for our investigator and turns out he didnt need it at all. But it is ok, because now we know for sure that he is ready for baptism. We just need to get him to pick a day and stick with it. 

And we were at a members house last night and her husband is not a member and so now we are teaching him. And he leaves for new york (where he lives) in a month, so we are hoping within the next month we can baptize him too. And yesterday we met a lot of really nice people who speak spanish! so we now have a few more people to work with and hopefully we continue to find more. It really was a good day yesterday. :)

Other than that though not much going on. We are just trying to find people, and get those who are ready baptized. That really is getting stressful for us, that he won't pick a day....

But yeah. Good weather for us, and good people. Good stuff.

wow, it felt like a lot more happened but i guess not. hmmmm...

as for the ipad rumors.... lol   <I told him I heard that they were getting ipads there in March>
apparently they were supposed to have ipads in december/january. did not happen. i have heard march too, but who knows. and even if we could it would be hard for me to want one. the mission president was talking with us two weeks ago about it and with the people we teach and the areas we visit it might not be a good idea to bring them around with us. but for church and stuff and the area books it would be so much easier. so it have good and bad to the idea. i dont know. also if we do get them the missionaries pay for them so if that comes up it will be around $400 it think....

love and miss you too and thanks again for the package. 

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