Sunday, February 8, 2015

February 2, 2015

<note from mom.. this post will be shorter than usual as Tanner's email had a lot of personal stories and information this week that he didn't want shared on the blog. >

Ok, so yes. the seahawks lost. We found out last night during conference call and they told us that since they lost everyone should be very depressed and needing some happiness, so that is a great thing for us. lol 
But glad trent is happy.

And this week is another bike week, and today is raining. So tonight should be fun. and I am hoping we dont have to lock up anywhere really sketchy, but that is the general area we stay in. It is really not what I am used to... but I should get used to it.

For the pigs feet. the flavor is not horrible, it is just the thought. and yesterday was fast sunday so we weren't expecting food, but the same family did bring us food after church and i didn't eat again. It was chicharron in salsa verde. which is pig skin in green salsa. and the pig skin was not like crispy pig skin, it was like slimy, not so cooked pig skin. So yeah, I stuck with eating some plain tortillas. Then luckily we had the surprise party later on so i got some food there. 
Besides that this week was crazy. It was mostly good, but everyday was a new crazy person. 

<mom again.. the rest are things I won't post.. stories he tells of different people he met last week and experiences he had. Please keep Tanner in your prayers as he is having a little bit of a struggle right now, but he knows he is where he needs to be and that Satan pushes hardest when good things are coming.. so he is waiting for the good! > 

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