Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26th email

OK, so this week has been tough. 

Yes, teaching real people. With real potential. :) I mean everyone has potential, but these last two weeks we have focused on a couple people and one seems to be doing really well just her husband is not for us teaching her, so we have hit a speed bump with them. But I have started praying that he will get over his issues so she can continue to progress. 

ok, so now for my week. Not much happened over the last week, until this weekend. On Saturday we were riding our bikes around and we locked them up at a store that is like 3-4 miles from our apartment. this is a store we go to regularly to find people to talk to. And that night we locked them up because it was close to where we were at the time. And after we locked up we went to some lessons with a member in his car. an hour and a half later we get back to the store and go to get our bikes and everything seems fine. Until I actually look at my bike. The seat was missing. Like someone somewhere took my seat. So I look down and I am like really? Of all the things to take from a bike... the seat? so I am going to Bike Tech today to get a new seat. hopefully it isn't a ton of money. But I am also counting my blessings because it could have been a lot worse than just the seat. So for the ride home my companion took my bike, because he is more accustomed to riding standing up apparently, and I took his bike. By the way his bike was untouched. (because it is not a bike anyone would want to mess with anyways) so that bike ride home was fun. and you should expect a charge to come from bike tech at some point. Not sure how much it will be though. 

and yesterday we went to a family to eat a meal after church and I insulted the member. But I think i had a really good reason. So every Sunday this same family invites us over for a meal after church and normally I am ok with the food. But yesterday I just couldn't do it. It was some soup with strange corn stuff and pig's feet. Yeah, pig's feet. So I tried to eat what I could and she asked if I wanted more and I told her no. That was the insult. I was told to never say no when offered more food. But I just couldn't do it. It was either make her happy and make me possibly get sick, or make her upset. So I took the second option. Even the other missionaries gasped when I refused. But I just couldn't do it. It wasn't that is tasted bad, it was just the thought. 

So that was the best part of the week. Losing a bike seat, and eating feet. 

Other than that... For the other missionaries in other areas. I have heard some stories of less Spanish than us, but I haven't heard that much. And it is so hard to get people to church no matter what area. This last week we invited I think 5 people in person on Saturday night and they all said they would come. But only one showed up. And the last couple weeks it has been the same on Saturday and Sunday morning where we ask people, and they say yes, but nobody shows. It is one of the bigger problems we tend to have. That and actually teaching people. We make appointments but they always fall through. And this week I was getting really down about all that, but then I read something that said as long as we do what we can, the Lord will bless us. It isn't about the people who turn us down or don't keep their commitments, it is about us trying our best and the others making their own decisions about their lives. We can only do so much for them, and that is what we determine our success with. Trying.

  But again it is the effort that matters. 
and that is my life right now. 

I hope you have a good week too, and on Sunday I hope everyone is happy with whoever wins. (the superbowl) I am sure it will be amazingly crazy here. 

still love and miss you guys a lot!!!!
-Tanner (Elder Burke)

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