Monday, January 26, 2015

January 20th email

We have finally had some real sit down lessons with some people! And I kind of helped... One of them was really interesting. Before the lesson we were tracting and we met someone who said they would read the Book of Mormon but they knew they were sinning because they have a same gender attraction (I am trying not to disclose anything too personal just in case btw) So we explained that if nothing else the book is good for increasing faith in Jesus. So after that house my companion and I started talking about gay people and what we think about that stuff... And that was interesting. So anyways during the lesson on the Restoration we asked if there were any questions or problems (preguntas o dudas) and the investigator brought up that she has a gay friend and she wanted to know how we felt about gays in the Church. So we looked at each other and were like we just had this conversation, and now we are discussing it with this investigator during the most random time. It was very random, but at least were knew what to say. :)

And we met this really cool person in a park the other night. He was out for a jog and we stopped by to ask if he was interested in a message. He said yes and that he just moved from Georgia and was actually looking for a church to attend to. And he kept asking very specific questions that basically led us to taught the most part of the Plan of Salvation right there in the park. So we asked for his address and phone number so we could keep teaching later. But when we tried to call the number it is not working, and we went to the address and he doesnt live there... So while he was really cool to meet, he ended up being not so easy to find again. 

And another cool story was last night. We were tracting and we got to this house with a woman who wasn't really too interested in our message at first, because she just barely found God and was kind of not sure what to think about us with more new things. But when we asked if we could help her out she asked if we knew a good family doctor in the area that could help her with some things. And it just so happens that three days ago I went to a doctor (who is part of a family practice) and is a member. So we gave her the number and address of him. That was when she started telling us about her life. Because it was really a miracle that we showed up when we did. She just moved here from Georgia (second person from Georgia who moved here who we have met. Something must be going on in Georgia) and is staying with her sister for a while to get her life together. She has been having a lot of medical problems along with family problems lately and so she figured that since she felt at her lowest she would turn to God. Which is a good idea. So she informed us that yesterday was her second day reading from the Bible and we knocked just as she was reading something in the Bible and thinking about how God can help her. And so we listened to her life story, which has a lot going on, and afterwards we shared the Book of Mormon with her and explained a bit about how the Book can help her find God more and it can help her navigate through the Bible with footnotes and the index. And so it was really helpful for her, and it was amazing that we happened to stop by at that moment as she is reading and praying, when she wants to find God, when she needs medical help (after I just found a good doctor), and when she needed someone to know because she just moved here and has some social issues also. So yeah, we considered that a miracle for sure. And while it was in english, and we can't help her any more because we can't teach english speakers after the first interaction it was really nice to see how God is trying to help her. 

So those were the main stories from this week. Other than that we have been trying to help the ward (apparently there are almost 400 people on the role but only 120 attend on Sundays) so we have been trying to find Less Actives and help people come back. But our main problem is that most of the people on our list have moved so they are no longer in the ward area and shouldn't be on the lists. But at least we are helping with that. 

And we are trying to find people. Which is a big thing. And when we do find people we tend to have trouble meeting up with them to teach them. But this last week we did good. So maybe this week will be too :)

Today I am going on exchange. Which means I am switching with another missionary in a different area so I get a new companion for 24 hours. I am pretty excited that I get to learn how someone else teaches, and I get to meet new people. And I get to have one less day on bike, because this is my normal bike week, and the area I am going to gets the car. :)

Other than that I am learning how to eat that much food. And amazingly I have lost weight. These bike rides are definitely helping. Most days it is around 10 miles of biking with where we tend to go. But it is fun. And so yes the other suit does fit. :) And I mentioned I went to the doctor, and that went really well. Apparently as a missionary I get some special treatments. I told the mission office I needed to get some medicine and they set up the appointment for 4 days later. and when I got seen it wasnt an endocrinologist, but a normal doctor. But he gave me a prescription and he just want me to get my TSH levels tested some time during the next few months just to make sure it is ok. So yeah, that was interesting because it normally takes a lot longer. And I got the prescription filled at walgreens and I can only get a month at a time, instead of three. So I have to go back every month. But I guess that is ok. 

Yeah, other than that I dont think there is anything I need. I tried to share the candy from the box but Elder C.  doesn't like Haribo so I get them all to myself. :) Not complaining. And he doesnt watch many movies, or listen to much music besides Classical (even as a non-missionary) So there is not much that we can talk about but we are getting along really well. We keep busy enough to not notice the massive differences. :)

Yep. That is how things are going here. And the seahawks won, so we dont get to tract on Superbowl Sunday :) Because apparently a lot of bad things happen when you interrupt the superbowl with the seahawks....

Miss you all a lot and love you very much! Thanks for being there for me! 
-Elder Burke

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