Thursday, February 19, 2015

February 9

We were on bike so that was so much fun. And it was raining most days. I think we had one sunny day. And that was after I prayed that the rain would stop just for a little while. So the sun came out and it turned into a mostly good afternoon. Then the next two days was much worse. 

 we went and did a service project cleaning trash off the streets in the City. (not the official town name) and since that is where our investigator lives we decided right afterwards to try his house again. And again not home. So we go back home and change and try to find something to do. So we spent the afternoon studying and praying a lot. then after lunch we went back to the city (without our bikes because we were expecting an interview to happen and afterwards we could get a ride home) and we did finally find him. We just had to wait in front of his apartment until he got home... 

<insert some details about their investigator here>  And after that we realize that we are alone in the City without bikes and no way to get home without walking. So that night we walked home in the rain (it is about 4 miles from there to our place.) And that was so much fun... :/

And at church yesterday he never showed up again. So we go call him and he tells us he is in Seattle and wont be back until late, but at 7 we could stop by his place and get the interview done. Plus it was his sisters birthday and he invited us to the birthday party. So we get everything together and at 7 go to his house and get the zone leaders to have an interview. But then after a long time of waiting for that to end, we find out h the baptism is up in the air right now. It is not happening today and we are not sure when..

So lots of issues with one person, but I figure as long as he can get past his interview again and get to a baptism, he can be ok. Just needs lots of prayers. :)

And that is our life right now. Focusing on him  :)

other than that there were some other strange people we met this week. One person invited us in for food during our nightly tracting time. And that was not a fun experience. Let me just say, not a clean place and not a cooked steak among other things. But he was very adamant that we eat. 

But all is well and we are not sick from that. And we have a car this week. And it is going to be a good week, just like every other week. There are a lot of good nice people we meet too, it just isnt as fun to tell those stories as much as the other ones. Mostly because they are english people and it is a small conversation. But we do get glimpses of goodness between the crazy people. :)

Other than that I dont think there is anything else to say. Thanks for the constant support and love. 
love you too and miss you too,
i will let you know if i think of anything. 

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