Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6

Hi again :)
Yes I made eggs benedict. We even dyed eggs (1st, heard you didn't!, and 2nd, it was Elder R's first time dying eggs!)
So that was fun. and the food was delicious of course! Elder R. liked it too, first time for eggs benedict too. 

 spanish is fine. i am not struggling. i am doing well. 

Baptism is set for the 25th, but might be moved. G. S. (the guy on date) is hard to catch. he works a lot (like everyone) and has been going through some stuff that takes a lot of time at hospital and court. (long story) so yeah, might get moved back, but still lots of hope and potential for him.

of course i watched conference. It was good.  the talks were good. when it turned to spanish speakers we ran out of the room to listen to the spanish tv, in another room. That way we could listen to it without the translation. But other than those we just listened in english. What did you think of Uchtdorf speaking german? lol
and the shoutouts to the WaTac! there was teh Pearsons guy who was the former president (a while ago), and in Nielsons talk he mentioned a family that has close ties to the WaTac. so two shoutouts in one session. Made everyone here get super excited. :)
Other than that. We had a slow week. Not much going on. it is always tough just starting off with someone new though. Hopefully this week is better. 

Elder R. is the oldest in a family of three. From Utah (of course). Dont know about food choices. He did say he likes Asian food...  likes Mike and Ikes and any snack food. :) Frosted Flakes, resses cup cereal for cereal choices..yeah, other than that not much about him either. 
and that is my week.

listen to this song when you can. "In the words of Satan" by some lds artist. it should sound jazzy and talk about how many distractions there are in life :) its fun

love and miss you!!!!!!

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