Monday, April 20, 2015

April 13

We are still kind of struggling with the area. Not many people want us to visit them. So we are deciding to start completely over. We are dropping everyone we have (except for maybe two people) and just going to start over with finding more legit people. We kind of lost G. (the guy on baptism date) so he is not on date anymore, and we are trying to find him to see what is happening, but for now... we dont know.

We also started teaching our next door neighbor. She has been taught before, and we dont know why they stopped, but we are starting again, and so far it is good.

So yeah, thats basically it. Not much to say... we dont have too many people.

But I have noticed that I am getting better overall at being a missionary. I have started to realize that I actually care about the people and the work. Before I didn't think too much of it, but now it is a daily thought. And a couple times now I have gotten upset because people just dont seem to care. And it gets frustrating when they stop caring. But then I think of the good people we find too, and I dont dwell on the frustrating parts. 

Ok, so to make this a little longer. We had an interesting experience the other night. We were knocking doors and found this hsipanic guy who acted as though he expected us to be there. And he told us that the other guy was taking a shower so we would have to come back to talk with him. (still dont know who lives there and who he was talking about) But we ended up asking if he was interested and he said yes. So we talked about the Book of Mormon a bit, and he asked us to read him a verse or two, so we read him a scripture and in the middle of the verse he gets on his knees and starts praying. and we finish the scripture and he tells us to read more as he prays. So we read one more verse and he gets up and starts thanking us. Then we prayed together and we tried to set up a new appointment but he said he didnt live there, and if God is willing He will send us to his house one day, but he wouldnt give us the address. So we shook hands and before walking away he asked if he could hug us, so we hugged and he thanked us again and we went on our way. 

Kind of weird, but definitely not complaining. At least he was nice. Just a little strange. And maybe we will find his house one day... :)

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