Thursday, April 30, 2015

April 27

So things here are still slow. We keep trying to find people and really have little to no investigators right now. So we keep going out to find people. It is a tough job. But we keep going. 

We have also been working with the members in the ward here to try and get them better, so maybe they can get their own friends to meet with us, but that is tough too. Really everything is kind of slow. 

But It's ok. We are praying a lot, and trying a lot. In the Lord's time He will bring those who are ready. We just have to be patient. And until then, keep trying through our own means. 

As for anything specific this week... umm.. we had a ward party. That was interesting. I might upload a video for you to see one of the things they did. 

And... that lady who was from Fiji and came over in a toolbox (i mentioned her a while ago) we visited her last night, because we were knocking her apartments and decided to knock her door to see how she is doing. And she did find the church. But still having some problems... but thats life. At least she is still staying positive and getting things done. 

Other than that. Like I said not many new things. 

love you!!!

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