Thursday, April 30, 2015

April 20

so this week was interesting. 
but first:

wow trent looks different. amazing what changes in 5 months. (btw can you believe it has been that long? some days seem that long and others seem like it was really a short time ago) 

As for our week:
Monday was raining. Elder R. got absolutely soaked by a car while we were on bike. That was not fun. it was also like the only cold night this week. But we got through it. :)

As for the other days...
Thursday was Zone Conference.  :) That was nice. Elder R. and I have been having some troubles lately with finding people and getting members to help, and the conference talked a lot about those areas and how we can improve. So some prayers were answered. 

Then we tried implementing some of the ideas and found two new investigators last night. It was kind of a surprise to them i think because when we first contacted them it was only the husband and he said to come back and talk with his wife, so we came back the next day and talked with her, saying that he said we could come back. But she wasnt available, so we tried again last night (waiting a few days because she was getting surgery on her hand) and found them both at home. But it was as if the husband thought we were there for the wife, and the wife thought we were there for the husband... so we sat down with them both and gave an intro to the book of mormon and asked if they would be interested in learning more (they were about to eat dinner so we were kind of in a rush) and they both agreed. so we set up a return appointment and the wife actually prayed at the end (which is not normal because normally the investigators find the idea of praying very foreign) so we now have a couple that we can teach! 

And besides that we are trying to get our ward back into a functional ward, so we have a goal to teach every member in our area the 1st lesson, The Restoration. And so far we havent gotten anyone taught that, but we have a couple appointments this next week for members. So that should be fun. And hopefully inspirational enough to get the members to do something productive. :)

And yeah... thats my week. Still trying to find people. Still trying to stay dry (its been easy this last week. Really sunny and warm) Still staying positive. :)

love and miss you!!!! 

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