Thursday, May 21, 2015

May 4th

ok my week-

found a couple new investigators. going to be visiting them more this week. 

Still trying to work with members more. Such a hard job. We visited one couple the other night to spend like 30 minutes with them and ended up staying for an hour because they had some things they wanted to get off their chest about the ward. Nothing like listening to other people complain. So we are helping everyone to get their feeling out so hopefully we can know where to focus. Yeah... but at least we are getting somewhere with that. 

Along with that we are going to start trying more on getting home teaching done with members. They are all converts and dont know about things like home teaching very much, so we have to help the members with that too. maybe that will help the ward function? who knows?

So this was bike week and it was a good week for it. But we walked three days this week. The first time we were stuck in the not so good city again. without bikes or a ride. because a member we set up stuff with cancelled. so we walked home from there again. then the next day we were about the same distance away as that city but in the other direction and my comp got a flat tire, so we walked home again. and the third day we walked because of his flat. oh and two days before the bad city walk, one of my tires went flat. luckily one of the other elders had a spare patch to fix it. that was an adventure too, fixing the flat. so i had a patched tire and his went flat without another patch, so we were walking. 

lets just say how glad i am to have a car this week. 

so buying a new tube today for my bike (i dont like the idea of a patch on my tube forever) and a new patch kit in case it happens again. 

so lots of trials this week. with bikes mostly, but we got through it. and I know that as long as we are doing our best everything will work out fine. 

Oh, and another exciting thing this last week. We set up a booth at a local place called swap meets (have i told you about it before? dont remember?) anyways. swaps is like a giant daily flea market, mostly hispanic, and great for finding hispanics to talk to. so we normally just hang out outside and talk with people in the parking lot (sketchy)
but this time we went inside and got a booth (normally they charge people, but since we give out free things we got in for free, just needed a license form town hall) and that was exciting. only a few people tried to bash with us over doctrine, and we gave out a ton of pamphlets and cards. So many seeds planted, now we jsut wait to see if anyone actually cares :)

and we are planning on going back for the next few months during summer time every weekend because of all the people we can talk with. that and it is fun to look at flea market stuff (you know) :)

other than that stuff i think everything is still the same. still finding people and praying a lot for miracles. 

transfers are next week btw so during my skype call i will let you know where i am going (if i am going) :)

cant wait to talk on sunday!!!!!! 

(btw- six months and my family starts growing up without me. those pictures of everyone are crazy different! wow. cant wait to talk on sunday! oh and i like daisy in the pic of you and abby lol)
Love you!

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