Thursday, May 21, 2015

May 11.. day after Mothers day phone call/Skype! Also NEW ADDRESS!

so today has been rough. We spent 3 hours looking for a bike seat for someone (not me) and really i am done with bike shops. But during one of the bike shop visits my companion and i left the others to find a bathroom and we found a donut shop in the meantime. And we both got bacon maple donuts. :)

ummm... yeah not much to talk about.

Going to Shelton. I hear it is not a big branch and the members dont feed us much, which is great for me. now i can cook more! i just also have to be more frugal with money though. 

NEW address: 
281 SE Arcadia Rd #C1
Shelton, WA 98584

make sure both grandmas get this please. they have sent me stuff to the appartment before and i want to make sure they have the right address. Shelton is not near Lakewood. So i have a limited amount of times of getting things from other areas. Oh and for birthday stuff, send boxes to the office address because the next transfer is two days before my birthday and it might get hectic if i am moving again. :) but who knows if i will really change again so soon?

So yeah. Getting back with Elder S. (MTC companion) Should be fun. I guess we will see. lol 

glad i got to see you guys! even though there wasnt a lot to say. :)

As for this last week, not much happened so not much to say. Changing areas is basically the news. 
cant think of much else, so i will end for now. 
love and miss you!!!!!!!

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