Thursday, May 21, 2015

May 18th

not a lot of time this week. Elder S. is sick and I dont want to keep him up for very long. 
Long story, i will get to it. 
So please make sure that the other relatives know that birthday things should go to the office address for convenience. :)

ok so for my week. it was actually really good. We havent had any real problems being around each other again. which is a good thing. His birthday was on wednesday, and that was park day so it was tough. But we got through it. Shelton is a lot more of a mountain town than lakewood so biking is a lot less fun... 
But this area is really nice. Its a lot of farm land, and forest. And Shelton itself is a very small town. But with all that we found a new investigator almost every night this week. Except for tuesday (we didnt have much finding time because of transfers) and yesterday (we were home all day). 

so for the most exciting part of the week. 

Yesterday Elder S. was fine in the mornings until a little after breakfast when his stomach started hurting. So we kind of ignored it and went to church, and after church he said the pain had increased. So we went home and I called Sister Blatter (mission Pres. wife) for advice. And she told us to stay home and let him rest. We figured it was just a stomach bug thing at this point. 
So we waited and it just got worse with time, so I gave him a quick blessing and afterwards I called Sister Blatter again and she wasnt sure what it was so she had a doctor friend call us to give us advice. So we explained the symptoms (pain, not able to go to the bathroom, pain, vomiting everything he tried to eat or drink) And that turned into a visit to the hospital. Because with all the symptoms he was having and with his diabetes it was a better idea to just go get someone to look at it. so we called the branch president and him and his wife took us to the ER. 
There we waited for a little bit, for the pain they gave him some pain drugs and tried to figure everything out. After a few hours we find that it is most likely his Gall Bladder. And he had a "gall bladder attack" due to the food he ate at breakfast. So now he is on pain killers and resting a lot. And if he doesnt feel better by tomorrow he will need to consult a surgeon to see what we can do to help. So kind of scary stuff. Definitely not expected. 

So we went shopping today and i bought some stuff for him . he is stuck to a diet of clear liquids and no fat foods. lots of fun. But the way i see it is everything happens for a reason, and we will be able to see the reason later on. Just hope that it doesnt get worse and he doesnt need something more drastic than rest. 

so that was last night. We finally got home around 1130 (past our bedtime) :) and i stayed up a bit longer to get some jello made for him. and finally got to bed around 1am (just me, he tried sleeping right away). and a few times during the night he needed help with pain. So running on around 5 hours of sleep right now. lol not complaining. I am glad I am here to help him get through this. Maybe that is why we are together again, so he could go through this with someone he knows already, and not a complete stranger who doesnt know as much as I do about him. :) who knows.  

so staying home for the most part. lots of time to clean and study lol
yeah... great transfer so far :) 
not much else going on. got to go though so we can get him back to resting. 
love you!!!! miss you!!! 
email more next week, hopefully with great news :)

by the way..  there are a few familiar names here in shelton. all in the english ward but we have a sister woodward. and there is a burke family. lol i got here and immediately all the members ask if i know the burkes here. i still havent met them. :) 
one hispanic even asked if i was their son... nope. :)
fun stuff.  

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