Monday, June 22, 2015

May 25

so sunday was the hospital and then on monday it didnt get much better. in fact it got worse. so we called sister blatter again that night and she said that she wanted him checked out by a different doctor. so a senior couple happened to be in olympia and heading to aberdeen (where this doctor is) and so they were able to pick us up at around 9pm to take us to their place. and their apartment is right next to the bishop for the english ward in aberdeen. so we drove about an hour and a half from shelton to see the doctor super late at night. and when we got there he runs over and determines that it is not a gallbladder issue, but appendicitis. so he gets rushed to the hospital where the on call surgeon is a member so he can get properly diagnosed and get surgery. so we get there and find out it really is appendicitis. so he goes to surgery, where the surgeon and the anesthesiologist are members and surgery started around 3am. and the surgery ended around 4-4:30ish. and i finally got to see him at like 5:30. so no sleep monday night. then on tuesday he stayed in the hospital. and i went back to the senior couple's apartment to sleep a bit. then after that i was told to go with the english elders in aberdeen (there are 4 of them so i made it 5 elders plus the senior couple... lots of missionaries) and i went with them to visit some people on their list. and while i was out president and sitter blatter visited elder s. and let him talk with his parents. 

so that night i stayed at the english elder's house (talk about a crazy place with 5 people) and the next day elder s. got released. but we ended up staying at the Hinds' place (the Hinds are the senior couple) for a few more days. So while Elder S. was recuperating i went out a bit every day with the other elders so i could do something besides sitting around :)
and that was fun...

so then on saturday we finally got back to shelton and Elder S. is still unable to do much work, but we are getting him back to working slowly. He really wants to do a lot, but he cant because he just had surgery and yeah... that takes a while to get healed. so i have been going out with the english elders here and visiting some of our people so our area doesnt die. :) 
and that is my week. 

By the way. I think Sister Hinds requested to be your friend on facebook and i gave her your number so she can send you pics of when we were at their house. :) they are a really nice couple, and they originally live in Joplin (well before the mission originally). so really close to grandma huffine. :) and sister hinds made us a strawberry salsa that you should try. i have the recipe. :)
so my week was filled with the hospital and going english. :) but i am not complaining and still going strong. lol
oh and while i was in aberdeen one of the english elders got bit by a german shepard.... on the butt. and that was an ugly mess. his pants and garments were ripped and his butt has a few big holes that are not normally supposed to be there. 
so its been a very exciting week for me. basically a vacation to aberdeen. lol but still doing good work. 
oh and while i was there i was worried of running out of meds so the bishop got me a prescription (that i ended up not needing) but now i have an extra 3 months supply of meds, so really good with that :) glad that area is filled with doctors of all kinds because they hook up the missionaries in any way possible. :)
yeah... lots of stuff.

ok, so thats my week. 

love and miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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