Monday, June 22, 2015

June 1

Hey just a few minutes right now. ill be back on later. going to a zone activity so elder s. can get a haircut. :/ 
sounds like a busy week for you. :) 

just a quick thing while on my mind. the branch president here in shelton has a daughter serving in the DC mission and she is currently in the visitors center. so... if you wanted to search for her tomorrow. just saying. :)   (mom note.. we found her!)
so yeah for now... not too much time.

elder s. is doing much better. back to mostly normal days. going back to doctors on wednesday. yeah there is a cafe rio here too somewhere...

so this week has been slow. taking it easy for elder s. (much to his dislike). he would much rather be out and about. but he wasnt realizing it was probably better to be inside and resting. 

so yeah. not much new. not much going on this week. just living life and working as hard as we can without causing further damages. lol
so i guess not much time is good, since that is about it. short list of stuff done this week = short list of stuff to talk about. :)
but still going to get back on later to write more. especially since i might remember something important. :)
thanks for now. love you! miss you! talk more soon. 

(mom note: he got back on but nothing to write on the blog about)

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