Monday, June 22, 2015


so today we are super busy...
I did get the three boxes. and it was funny because the three boxes surprised Elder S. and he kind of ran out to see the mail lady and the lady just looked at him with a "Heck if I know" face and left. It was just funny because i guess its not normal to have three boxes at once.

As for what was inside... of course I am happy! Candy!!! :) Elder S. keeps asking for some and I keep looking at him like he is crazy. but I did share a caramel apple twizzler because he kept bugging me. :) 

So this week was interesting. We did not have investigators at church, but we had a potential person who is a friend of our branch presidents wife (the mom) and she seems pretty interested so maybe we can get her to be a legit investigator. 

and we have a pretty legit person who is kind of older but has family who are members in Chihuahua, Mexico so she knows we are good people and she wants to learn more. :) 

and other than that not many new people. But we are doing a lot of finding to try and get new people and more to do. 

Speaking of more to do... 
Transfers!!!! So we got the call in the afternoon on Saturday (first time not being late at night!) and President Blatter told us that we are staying together for another transfer. So I am with Elder S. for the third transfer now! and We are both staying in Shelton!! But... 

We are going Spanglish!!!!!! So what that means is we are both still teaching all spanish people in our large spanish area, and also teaching any english people in the area where the english elders were in shelton. 
So there are still sisters in shelton, and we do not teach the english people there, but we can teach spanish in the sisters area. So for at least part of shelton we are Spanglish! (hope that makes sense) 

Also... we are moving!!! so right now our apartment is "ghetto" in the words of President Blatter lol and so we are moving to the nicer apartment which the english elders are moving out of.

 so the new address:
615 east E St. Apartment 201, Shelton WA 98584

wow. so today we are moving a lot of things from the former apartment as of tomorrow, to the new apartment. and i looked through their kitchen and they have nothing too, so please still send kitchen gadgets when you can! :) thank you!!!!!

By the way i have been feeling kind of bad for using the personal funds (your money) like every week, so i am going to try and get better at not using them if i dont have to. :) But just letting you know that i might use it today for a haircut, if i get time. 

oh and i went to walgreens this last week and got more meds (vitamin d and levothyroxine) And I remembered that back home when i didnt use insurance that the three months was under $50 and here for the 1 month supply with insurance was like $20... and that doesnt add up. so i asked if i could take the insurance off and get a three month supply instead (since the insurance was the one dictating the one month at a time rule) and they said yes and it ended up being like $40-something for the three months. so form this experience i now have more meds, more money saved, and less hassle with needing to go to a walgreens every month. :) overall pretty happy. thanks again for the personal funds that enable me to get meds :)

I think that is all for now. If i think of something and have time before leaving i will let you know :) 
Thanks for the happy birthday's, and the boxes, and everything, and prayers, and love, and all that jazz :)
Love and miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


oh yeah...
so along with doing spanglish we are now covering the spanish branch and an english ward. so two areas, two missionaries, two languages, not too much to do. :) 

 they both kind of are intermingled at the same time (so spanish starts at 11 and english at 1230 so classes in spanish are during classes with english and english sacrament starts at the end of classes of spanish.) kind of confusing right now how it is going to work... but we will find a way. somehow. lol 

oh hey!
i forgot a huge thing that happened this week!
we had Zions Camp!!!
so for the most part of a day we go to this thing called Zions Camp once a year. and so this last week we got to go and it is a bunch of teamwork things that are fun and we relate everything to the gospel. So basically like summer day camp/ efy/ missionary life all in one. so we went on tuesday .. let me say that some of the things i did not do. mostly because we had a group of 20 of us missionaries and some of the things work better with not 20 people. so yeah... but it was still a really cool thing that we got to do. And at the end we had some nice trainings from President on how to plan better and how to teach better. So it was really nice to have a day like that. 

just letting you know more of my life. :)

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