Monday, June 22, 2015

June 15


it could be spanglish or zebra (spanglish is two spanish elders doing both english and spanish, and zebra is a spanish and an english elder together in one area) :)
and if it does go either of those it will be at the start of any transfer. they are predicting the beginning of next transfer. but who knows? transfers are very unpredictable lately. 

Yeah... being a spanish missionary. definitely a trial, but im working on it, and hopefully getting better. and when i say that i mean with the language (which i am doing much better with btw) and with the work itself. 

ok for my week, since i am sure people want to read about that. lol

i am getting a really nice tan. which should surprise people when they think i am in northwest washington. but yeah... tan. and you know i only get tanner (always a good joke there)

anyways. this week was good. we finally have some inverstigators progressing!!!!! two people came to sacrament! and another person showed up for the second and third hours. so we had some people at church!! and since they came to church they are considered progressing! one more step towards baptism! 
one of those people who came even needed a ride to get here because he lives 40 minutes away from the building. and he is really sincerely trying to change his life. it was amazing because he called us asking for help and we stopped by after the long drive and he told us he has an addiction that he wants to get taken care of. so we gave him a 12 step book and invited him to church and to continue to take lessons so he can come closer to God. So he agreed and actually came to church. it is really amazing to see him trying to get better. hopefully we can get him to continue to progress. 

and another person is the boyfriend of one of the branch presidents daughters. and he is pretty interested, and he came to church too. even though it was after his catholic services.... but you know, its good. at least he came. :)

and the really fun thing is that these people are considered spanish enough to be taught by us! (some people we have right now speak more english than spanish :) ) 

so... yeah. good things here. praying a lot to continue to find more people and to teach more people, and to eventually baptize people. 

so yeah... thats about it. 
if i think of something else i will let you know. :) 
love and miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

part of Roberts email:

My spanish is good. I dont use it as often as i should... but thats because im a little stubborn when it comes to some things. but i have been praying to get over my stubborn-ness and be able to do what i need to do. :)

i definitely can say though that i am more mexican spanish than anything else. Elder S. has mentioned a few times how i talk like a mexican... lol. i guess i rather be told than than i speak high school spanish. (lets all admit that high school languages are kind of not real) :) but it will be nice for you guys to learn some things from that, and then i can get home and teach you how to talk like mexicans :)
thanks for everything!!!
love and miss you too!!!!!!!!

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