Monday, June 22, 2015

June 8

so this week was just kind of full of crazy people and a few others who are really cool. 

my week. so we found a couple really cool people this last week. 
one guy was when we were knocking doors and he opened up and he was in just a longer shirt... luckily covering a good part of the lower section. and he had a strange sculpture out front and we mentioned it and he said he was an artists who works with bronze so that was one of his pieces. so we went from that to explaining that we were sharing a message and he told us he had 4 minutes to spare so we could talk. and we introed the book of mormon and a bit about why we call our message the restoration. and after some explaining of words and ideas he agreed to read the book! he said to give him three weeks and then we could come back, but we bargained it down to two weeks. and unfortunately for us right now he was english so... we sent his name and address to the english elders. but for the moment he was cool when we got to talk with him. he said the way we explained it all was simple and easy to understand and made him interested. so hopefully that works out well. :) (and if this area goes spanglish which is the rumor, maybe in a few weeks if i am here i will end up teaching him anyways)

also we met a guy on the street the other day whose grandparents were mormon and always took him to church when he was little. and we ended up talking to him for a few minutes about the book of mormon, and he said he had been wanting to learn more about Joseph Smith and the church for a while now, he just never had the chance. so now he does have the chance, and the way it seemed was once he can learn why Joseph Smith was a prophet he can believe the rest of the stuff. so... another great person! and... another english person! (yeah... i wish i was english, even though spanish is fun and all)

and we have a spanish! person. all his relatives are members and he is the only one who isnt. so we have been working with him and his family to get him baptized. and he said he would like it, he just needs to commit to it. which takes time. so yeah... praying for him.
also ran into some crazies. dont want to talk about them too much... because of time and because crazy is crazy. and yeah... :)

we were at the branch Presidents house (btw half the members here are from that family)  for a meal yesterday and i was about to mention that you were going to the temple, but i ended up not talking about it. 

also i am getting a nice tan/sunburn here. lol lots of sun and heat. apparently its drought year and that is not common. but its a very hot summer so far, and lots of people talking about how its just going to get more hot. so today i bought the two things i need. sunscreen. yay :) and aloe vera for when the sunscreen stops working. :) yay lol at least its not humid. and its not the desert. so you know, its nice. :) hope you are enjoying maryland weather. 

guess thats all for this week. 
love and miss you!!!!!!!!!!! 


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