Monday, August 3, 2015

June 29

As for the first week of Spanglish.

 We jumped right in and saw a recent convert, who is really cool. He is
stuck in a wheelchair all the time and half of his body is paralyzed. (so i
 dont know how they baptized him, but they did) and he looks like he is late
40's- early 50's, but he is really 73! He definitely looks a lot younger.

 But anyways, we stopped by to see him and get to know him a bit. He is  really an awesome person.
Also we saw a person who english left for us who is basically ready for
 baptism he just wants to know that if he leaves the catholic church, it is
 not going to backfire on him. He really just needs to take a leap of faith
 because he knows the book of mormon is true and that joseph smith was a
 prophet, he just has problems with letting go of the catholic beliefs. so
we are trying to work with him so he can hopefully be baptized this week!

 So look forward to some exciting emails next week if we do have a baptism!:)

 Other than that the bishop of the english ward is really cool. Very much
 into missionary work, so he is willing to help us with anything we need,
which is awesome.

 And the members are really nice. and we have more meals planned for this
 month than i have had so far. :) By the way we are eating at the Burke's
house on Friday. lol everytime i see something mentioning the Burke's here
i get so confused. :)

 We definitely still have the car. We still cover a long way out of shelton
with spanish work (and some english people who live out in the country) so
we still need the car.

 For my birthday, i didnt really tell anyone about it. a few others knew
 about it so i got texts, but most people didnt. But we went to a meal with
a members that day so i got a really good bbq bacon burger at a restaurant
called roosters. So it was almost as if i were back home, getting to go out
to eat :) 
and sister blatter called and told me happy birthday in spanish.
(she did call last night and said she forgot on thursday, but at least she
called. lol ) 
and Sister Blatter even offered to get
us a new couch because at our last apartment we have a very broken couch.

 So I almost could have gotten new furniture for my birthday :)
I think that is it for this last week. As always if i think of something
else, i will let you know.

 love and miss you!!!!!!

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