Monday, August 3, 2015

Aug 3... NEW ADDRESS !!

So I'm on for an hour right now... because I am going to the beach again! Crazy because we werent planning on it but here we are again in grays harbor... so beach later. sigh. so much going on right now. 

So this last week. We found someone who is really awesome and said he is searching for something better. And he is really interested in the church! so.. he is on date for the 22nd. Hopefully that all works out well. 
As for the family that came last week, they did not show up this week and they are gone the next three weeks for vacation stuff... so a little break from them. 
And other than that not much investigator wise.

But there was an interesting experience yesterday where there was a lot of smoke in town, because of lots of wild fires around here and so we got this really strong feeling to stop knocking (which is a rule to knock at that time) and leave because we were leaving for grays harbor anyways after knocking. But we got the feeling to leave earlier. So we started leaving the knocking area and i remembered a lady who wasnt at church, which is not normal for her. and so i tried calling her and she didnt answer so i told Elder S. we were going to go to her house first before we go pack some things for the night. So we stopped by and found her really sick. So we offered a blessing and were able to give her that. So hopefully she is doing better today. I plan on calling in a bit to check up on her.

So... thats about it. Not too much more happened this week other than the usual knocking and talking with people :)

But for the most exciting part... tranfers.

So Elder S. is no longer my companion. He will be training a new Spanish Missionary! Crazy! 
And I am no longer in Shelton. !!!

I am moving to Bremerton!!!! As a Zebra! So my new Companion is Elder F. (dont know if i spelled it right?) and he is english. 

So I am going to Bremerton and my new address is:
1121 Callahan Dr. Apt 222
Bremerton, WA 98310

This call is really unexpected since i was only in shelton for two and S. has been here for three already. but it is how it is. And now i get another change! :) 

So packing tonight and leaving tomorrow for Bremerton. Havent been home so I dont know if there is a box, but if there is I will be very happy. and if there isnt then i will get it evenutally. :) And if Shelton hasnt burned down form wildfires.... I dont think it will. But you never know. Crazy world. :)

So that is my life. I am one step closer to being fully english. and i am going to Bremerton! lol they would never make me fully english. President Blatter wouldnt let me go english fully. :) He likes Spanish 
Thats my life Dont know how many more emails i will get to so apologize to everyone else for me if i dont get to them :)
love and miss you!!!!

Mom, I forgot to tell you!
two things: one i am planning on going to a star wars shop here in grays harbor so if i have money in my account i can get trace something if i find somethign cool :)

and i had crab for the first time!!! i have pics on my camera but that is not with me right now... so next week. it was interesting to break it open and eat it... i think it would be fun to watch you eat a fresh crab by opening it yourself lol honestly it looks like a spider from the ocean. but it tastes good :) lol i can only imagine your face :)
love you!!!

oh, cant get my shoes fixed... im leaving shelton. and it would take like a week to get fixed. and im not planning on spending a lot on trace. if anything :)
so shoes problem is still a problem needing to be solved lol

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