Monday, August 3, 2015

July 27

so my week has been interesting. Not too much new people-wise. 

On monday we had a pretty interesting experience while knocking. So we knocked and this pretty happy woman comes out and tells us she isnt religious but she is spiritual. and after talking a bit she said she would be interested in reading the Book of Mormon. and then we were telling her it could help her life be happier. That is when she looks at us and says very seriously (or as seriously as she could because she was smiling) that she suffers from this thing called "anti-depression". and so we look at her and both say "anti-depression" doesnt sound like suffering. So she explains that she gets happy about everything and finds it hard to be sad. So i look at her and think, wow. if only she knew. we need some anti-depression. 
So anyways she tells us she will read the Book, and before we left we said a prayer and she says can i give you guys a gift? so we say sure and she ends up giving us each a pint of marrionberries. (apparently a mix of raspberries and blackberries, but look like blackberries) and so that was a pretty exciting thing on monday. :)
And i took those berries home and made a crisp for breakfast the next day :) Elder S. is very amazed at how much stuff i end up making. He doesnt find time ever to make food, and i find all the time i can so i end up making a good amount of good food. :) 

And on Wednesday we had district meeting and before every district meeting here we have district lunch, so i made some Pasta Al Forno (which you know is just baked noodles) and I made it with the sauce where you combine alfredo and tomato sauces. So i made that and it looked amazing (i broiled it at the end to give a nice crust on the cheese) and brought it to district meeting where all the sisters starting asking why i didnt make food for everyone and why i was hiding my talent all this time... 
so now word is getting out that i cook. :)

So we did end up finding a person this week. He was a referral from his girlfriends family who are less active. But anyways the family is kind of crazy and ADD, amongst other things. But we went by to teach him and found out he is pretty cool! He even agreed to be baptized. The only problem is he works on sundays, did not come to church yesterday, and that means he is not on date until he comes to church. but we will work with them to get him to church.... hopefully. 

Still no new news with J (the one who wants to be baptized in a lake.) he hasnt been in touch this week so we have absolutely no idea what is in his head or anything going on with him.... hopefully we get in touch with him soon. 

Trent told me about his youth conference stuff. :)

So for meals in this ward we send around a calendar for the month around Relief Society (since the women know better than the men lol) and then we take it to the spanish branch sunday school so they can fill in what days they want. this lets us get the onth filled in pretty quickly and gives people the opportunity to get days a few weeks in advance. in lakewood we did a weekly calendar, and here it is a monthly thing. both work well. just make sure it gets to everyone, and people will fill it in. also a hint to the missionaries. when people feed them if they were to send a thank you letter to the members then they are more likely to be fed again. :)

So my week is basically summed up in those few experiences. cant think of much else. we are doing lots of finding. lots of walking. and it rained this week! but we are going back to sun and hot... but with clouds at least. 

So i was thinking of sending you a box. because it is your birthday this next week! but i dont have much here... and maybe i can send stuff later. :) but Happy Birthday! I already have a meal planned for it. We are being fed by a member on Saturday and she ahs promised us Stuffed Shells. And she does it right... with ricotta and all the amazing things that go into that. :) and what is really interesting is she is a Native American and makes really awesome food (from what the rumors say) which reminds me.... what kind of Native Americans are in our family? see if i can relate more to her, since we are teaching her 10 year old son and anything helps :) speaking of which! she and her son came to church for the first time yesterday!!!! so we got a less active and an investigator at church!!!! so exciting for them!

so i will enjoy your birthday at their house eating stuffed shells :)
hope you have a good birthday :)

Also gave a talk yesterday, on missionary work of course. it went well. I talked about how we need Faith and Trust to go out and share the gospel, just like peter pan needs it to fly :) lol had to go disney on them 
i think that is it.... if i think of more i will let you know.
already told you about my spending at walmart, and not at the shoe place. :)
thanks again for everything you do to help me!!!!! love and miss you!!!!!

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