Monday, August 3, 2015

July 13

Ok, seriously time crunched today. We are going to the ocean for a zone activity so I will take lots of pics for you... or at least some pics for you. :)

So quick question... and a story behind it. 
So my Ecco's which are so nice and useful have gotten broken on the sole. Both feet have big cracks in the sole. I would send pics but i dont have the card reader right now. So any ways they are still useful and work it just has a problem. So there is a shoe repair place in Shelton that i took them to to see what he could do... and he said 1. eccos are not good walking shoes (but when we asked what were good he said nothing was good for walking, so whatever.) and 2. that to replace the sole he suggests a rubber sole (which last longer and doesnt crack easily) so to fix my shoes he said it would be roughly $86. So the question for you... should i get them fixed or should i just get new shoes. I do still have the other shoes i left with but the ones from mens wearhouse are slightly uncomfortable to walk in all day long, and the boots are awkward in the summer. So what do you think? I should probably know by next monday since i might not have too much time left in shelton (transfers are in a couple weeks again, but i will probably stay here)
ok, so that is my shoe problem.

for this last week we did really good. we found four new investigators and two of those are families. and we also found some part member families that we are working with. And our top investigator has decided that the Great Apostasy did happen and that means the catholic church is not the full church of Jesus Christ, and therefore he now knows he needs to be baptized! so now we are just sorting through his calendar and mental schedule to find a good time to baptize him. And I dont know if i told you or not, but he wants to be baptized in a lake... so when he gets baptized it will be in a lake. :) So cool.

So all these people are english and i just have to say that i am very happy to be working with english people. I have already noticed that I am more sincere and meaningful when i can use my english abilities. :)
So the work is going really well in english, not so much in spanish... but we are still on the lookout for them too. 

Other than that, Elder S. and I are doing better as a companionship. I think it is because of the english/ spanish craziness that we are dealing with. With that distraction we have less time to worry about each others annoying habits. :) Although today is not one of our better days. 

So another quick story. this last week we were knocking in the forest/country side places. Like way out of town in random streets in the forests. And Wednesday we decided to knock doors for most of the day and lucky us we chose a street that had many many dogs! So I was happy because I love dogs, but Elder S. was not happy because he doesnt like dogs that bark... and all dogs bark. So I had a lot of fun that day and he didnt, but we met a lot of good people (that was when we found the two families) and lots of nice dogs. I think overall there was only one dog that didnt seem friendly. 

So yeah... thats my week. Finding new people to teach. Finding cool dog areas. Still too hot for me. It did rain one day this week! first rain in over a month. and it wasnt even that much. 

The branch presidents wife yesterday told me that this next sunday they leave for vacation to Disneyland... i told her i was ignoring them from now on. :)
So yeah... cant think of much else. i guess i will get a big update next week.
love and miss you!

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