Monday, August 3, 2015

July 20

I got a package today!!!! and it was from grandma Huffine!! I will send her a thank you email! listening to the music right now! and Elder S. heard it and immediately questioned if it was approved. Which he does when he like music 'too much'... apparently if it sounds good it probably isnt approved. lol i then referred him to the approval email from President Blatter, so he is ok with it now :) lol

as for our investigator... he still has no date. he keeps dodging the question or saying flat out he wont pick a day yet. but we keep praying and i am getting very specific with my prayers so he can pick a day and get baptized. no matter what it will be in a lake as long as it is not winter time :)

So for our week... we had the beach on monday. will try to send pics if i remember by the end of my email :) lol the one i got of me has a pretty ugly face though... lol

and i got some shells for abby and parts of sand dollars. its hard to find full ones at that beach. basically all i did there was walk around... and i did step in the water. :D yep... missionary got wet in the ocean. lol they said as long as we dont swim... and it was only up to my knees so i wasnt swimming lol :) (and no i was not the only one who got in)

then on thursday we had zone conference  and that was nice. learned a lot. and there is this thing that we do during weekly planning called 'pencil planning' which i have always disliked and not really participated in, because i thought it was stupid. but after thursday i realized the true purpose of it, as long as it is done right. and so now i am no longer rebelling against that. :) its a big step for me considering i havent really done it in the last 7 months lol. i guess the main thing i was against wasnt the pencil planning it was the scheduling. which is very different. and this might not make sense to you, but it is easier to explain in person and not in an email. also if you were a missionary you would probably understand... oh well. 

Also half of our new families from the other week are no longer on our list... they just werent really interested i guess. but we still have cool people to work with :) 

We have also been knocking a LOT of doors. like 4-5 hours a day of walking and knocking. its a lot. and i am getting more tan by the day. its is crazy. but it is ok, because this is apparently the best way to find at this time here in washington tacoma. (i might be rolling my eyes here, but that is what i am told) so just know that many days for many hours i am outside knocking on doors :) 

Also yesterday we had an all Spanish Fireside and it was really cool because it was only the spanish elders and all the music and testimonies were in spanish. so there were only about 2 people total who needed translation. so it was fun and small, but really cool. :)
and thats my week. 
thanks for everything!!!! look forward to a box! :) and now enjoying new cds!
if i think of anything else i will let you know... :)
love and miss you!!!!!!!

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