Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Week 5! Probably last email from the MTC!

email began with personal family stuff that I am leaving out as usual.. 

since Christmas it has really been just more studying. On Christmas we had a devotional from Elder Bednar (from a few years ago) and another from Elder Nelson and his wife (that was live feed from utah) and we got to see the premier showing of Meet the Mormons with Spanish Subtitles. so i finally got to see that :) It was really good. If it comes out on DVD you should get it :) 

Pretty much other than that we just study, teach, and study some more. 

On Sunday I gave a talk in Sacrament (we all prepare talks in spanish and we are chosen at random without knowing until they call us up) and that was fun. the topic was Arrepentimos (Repentance) and I just had to quote Pollyana, so my whole talk was about death comes unexpectedly and how we need to repent now. :) I just wish i knew the rest of the sermon so i could have used more. 

And we have been teaching an "investigator" named "Omar" (i dont know if i explained earlier, but the teachers pretend to be investigators so we can practice teaching) and this week we learned a lot of things about Omar. We were teaching the Word of Wisdom and he tells us he is a drug dealer. so we had to address that. and when we went back for the next visit a couple days later, we find out that he stopped dealing and shooting people, which he did not bring up before that. so we were kind of surprised that he admitted to shooting people... but hey he stopped. :) but if it were real life we would have had to report it to the mission president. luckily we dont teach him anymore, because Hermano Trejo (aka omar) left for vacation yesterday. So that is something we dont have to deal with right now. And our other teacher plays "Raul" for us to teach and we have to drop him also. He doesnt keep any commitments we give him, so we cant help him if he doesnt help himself. so I figure we are turning out to be great Missionaries because the two investigators we have been teaching are both suddenly not going to be taught... a good start to this mission thing, huh? But it is ok, that is how it works. Some people work out, and others don´t. It´s all in the Lord´s time. 

And we got our flight info today for next week. And there are three of us going to Tacoma. And I am designated travel leader, so i have to watch the others and make sure they do everything right. Fun right? ;)
I had a minor panic attack the other day when I realized that I only have a week left before it gets really real. And I am not entirely prepared. But then I felt very strongly that I will be ok, and I am as prepared as I need to be. and I am definitely doing the right thing. Hakuna Matata. So I am still nervous, but I know I will be ok. 

We are getting group pictures in an email at some point so you can see all of us when I get that. Oh and I dont know if I will be able to email when I get to Washington. But since Tuesday is travel day and normally email day, you might not get one next week. I am not sure how that works. But I am sure I will get to email at some point next week. They cant put you through that much suffering ;) Plus if I pray for the time next week, I will get it. Prayers are answered all the time. 

I am not sure if there is anything else to say for this week...
Oh, I got real Mexican Food!!!  "Gringas" which are some kind of taco thing... I dont know exactly what, but it was really good. and much better than costco food. :) we were (mom here- I had to do some editing to this part so as not to divulge where /how they got real food LOL) warned  before hand that it might make our stomachs upset, but I was fine. So much better than the other food here for sure. 

So other than that, I guess I will email again when I am in Washington! Excited and nervous and constantly praying that Everything will be ok. :) So until next time
-Elder Burke

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