Tuesday, December 30, 2014

week 4- part two

This is the original week 4 email that didn't come last week- he re-sent it. 

so for this last week let me think of what happened...
My companion and I are getting along well. We had a talk the other day about some issues but we are doing better and teaching really well together. We tend to procrastinate planning and end up going into meetings not knowing what we want to do but it ends up really good. like the other day we were getting ready to teach and he wanted to teach the Plan of Salvation and I wanted to teach Christmas (because our "investigator"´s dad is a jehovas witness, so i figured it was a good thing to teach) and we went in thinking of Christmas and ended up teaching both. and it all tied in really amazingly. I cannot say it was all us though because we would be nothing without the help of the Spirit. :)

and we have been learning a lot of Español. I have started thinking more in spanish than in english so my brain gets confused a lot. especially when writing. :) but it is good that I am thinking more spanish. 

Oh and I think I got a way to get some authentic Mexican food. Since the CCM gets all their food from Costco we dont get much in the ways of authentic. but I made a deal with my teachers and they might get us some food for Navidad! :) I specifically asked for churros by the way because I have to get a churro in Mexico, just for you :)

As for special things here for Navidad, we get a lot of "study" time that day instead of classes. We are getting a Devotional from Elder Bednar. We are allowed to watch a video (probably a church one) that evening. and today we are getting a special live feed Devotional from one of the Apostles, not sure which one though. So we get to hear lots of important people speak. should be lots of fun :) (kind of wierd to think that a lot of devotionals are fun, but this is life in the CCM) 

Other than that it has been a lot of classes and learning. Getting a haircut today, which I am not happy for, but I will be ok... after a few days, or weeks :) you know how it is
and getting one of my suits dry cleaned today, it cost $5 american. so I think it is a good deal. plus it needs to be cleaned. :)

Thanks always for the love and prayers and support you guys share with me. I pray for everyone all the time and really wish you could share this experience. I love you all and miss you a lot. I cannot wait for thursday to come because i get to talk to you!!! 
I think that is all for now, so until thursday! (or in Español, Hasta Jueves!) Y, Feliz Navidad! 
-Elder Burke

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