Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Week 4- part one

This is the letter Robert got from Tanner.. because the email he sent to me didn't get to me.. hopefully he will send it again and I will be able to post it later. 

yes i have friends, basically my entire district here is my extended family. there are twelve of us total, plus the three teachers. so yes i have made some friends. and yes they feed us enough- they get costco food so they have plenty every meal. but they dont have authentic mexican food because of that. but i think i made a deal with my teachers so we can get some real food. they said churros is a definite possibility. :) if that happens you will get pictures :)

and yes i write in my journal. i am amazed i have been writing everyday. plus i keep track of anything during the day in a different notebook in case anything really cool happens.

so i have been doing really well with the language and have been teaching better with each meeting we have with "investigators". and i am getting very confused with languages because i have gotten spanish so much in my head when i go to write in english it comes out as spanish first. but i cant complain about that. 

i honestly cannot wait two days to call you! i have already determined i might cry from the beginning of the call through the entire 30 minutes. :) 

i love and miss you a lot 
talk to you on thursday!!!! 
-Elder Burke

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