Tuesday, December 16, 2014

MTC week 3

 thank you for the doughnuts! and they came with milk. all wrapped in christmas paper. really nice. :) i did share some of them though.  (mom note- I should hope so..we sent a dozen!)

as for exercise i did get some thing done the other day... so it made him happy. but i am not ending up like him... (speaking of his companion)

honestly i can see you in one of my classes and just looking completely lost. this week we were told we are solo español so you really wouldnt have a clue. :) but i can understand so it is good for me lol (I had told him I would love to spend just one day in the mtc to see how they teach and learn the language)

that would be awesome to get some Jamaica juice packets! but i cant leave the campus so it is probably not possible. (I discovered they sell the Jamaica juice in packets like Kool-Aid and told him about it.. well, guess what I found on Amazon? yep.. will have to order some to send him in Washington..but dont tell him! ;) )

 but speaking of leaving campus, we went to the temple grounds today! and it was really good! we saw the outside and the visitors center and got to go to the bookstore, where i got everyone some cool presents for christmas from mexico! and i will send those when i get to washington. :) 

i cant think that it is christmas next week. it is seriously so sunny and green here that it feels like may. and it hasnt rained at all so it is like a heavily polluted, tropical paradise bubble that is surrounding us. and the pollution is only bad on like three days out of the week. :)

we do not have bunk beds here, at least not in our dorms. we have separate beds and it is all good. i am glad you found that facebook page? i dont know what to think about that information you gave me. but i will share it with Elder ____insert Tanners companion here____ and see what he thinks. i guess i really should try with spanish... lol :)  (I found a WA-Tacoma missionary moms FB page and learned some things from another mom who has a spanish speaking missionary out there right now)

and that is my reply to you. now as for this week with me. 

it seems to have gone by really fast! 

ummm, we are learning a lot everyday. and we are getting a lot of cultural experiences. not just talking to people that work here, but we have a thing called TRC which is where members come into the MTC from mexico city and we teach them. it is really interesting because they are so nice and help us with explaining the topics. and it is really similar to what the real deal will be like. 

and speaking of teaching we are doing really well lately. we are teaching two "investigators" and with one we already committed to baptism, and with the other we are learning a lot. the other day we planned on teaching the second person about prayer and he gave us a curve ball and asked us about what we believe for the life after this. so we taught an impromptu lesson on the plan of salvation without any preparation, in complete español. it really was amazing. 

on saturday we had a change of schedule and when we would normally go learn language on the computers, we were invited to a traditional "ballet". and that does not mean like swan lake. it means traditional latin music and dancing. and the theme was Navidad en Mexico, so it turned out to be an amazing performance about the Navidad story. and of course i got some cool pictures to share when i get back to the states. 

went to the temple today. and other than that nothing much has been happening. just keeping really busy and learning a lot. oh and tomorrow my district is helping the new people come in. so all the new missionaries that fly in tomorrow we are helping them get their information and get to their dorms or houses in one piece (physically and mentally) lol. so that will be exciting. anything new in our schedule is looked forward to with lots of excitement. 

other than that, my district is amazing and all the people i deal with everyday are great people. i am so glad i was put with them. i have been helping them as they help me. i have noticed that i tend to go up to people when they are having a bad day, and i guess it helps them because afterwards they seem better. it happens a lot more than i would like to say, but maybe that is another reason i am here, to help others be better. the other night i talked with one of the elders for over an hour after he told me he didnt want to talk about anything... but i am just so good at listening that he ended up talking a lot. :)

so things are good. I am learning a lot, and praying all the time. 

as for the christmas call, i do not have an exact time, but i am sure i will get that before next tuesday. i did find out that i get 30 minutes and when that 30 minutes is up, at exact time, the phone will automatically hang up, so i will let you guys know when i get short on time so we can say final things before the line cuts out :) should be fun to deal with. (missionaries get to call home 2 times a year..Christmas and Mothers day..we can't wait to hear from him next week!)

so that is all for this week. i hope you all are doing well and i hope dad gets home safely. 

i am praying for you guys all the time. and i am very thankful that i get you all for eternity! 
love and miss you all a lot!!! 
-Elder Burke

**italics are all notes from mom to explain a few things :)

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